Influence Your Own Success!

male Lion roar picture photoThey say you are what you eat but here’s a new one… you are what you think! If thoughts of successful, motivated, fulfilled people fill our thought space then we will begin to mirror them and become them ourselves!

Dutch researchers found that thinking about successful people increased academic test performance. Participants in separate were asked to think about the stereotype of a football hooligan or a professor. Those who thought of the professor, a stereotype of an accomplished, successful person did 13 percent better in a pop quiz than those who thought of the hooligan.

Researchers at the Radboud University found that writing about brainy people improves test scores. After the 2002 Commonwealth Games, participation and level of training increased throughout the UK, indicating watching the world’s best athletes inspired non-professionals to pursue and train at their physical goals.

It seems you can subconsciously improve your performance by occupying your thought space with images of success. So next time you’re in a negotiation, think of the best salesperson you’ve ever met. By doing this you might be able to cue brilliant thoughts you otherwise wouldn’t have made, all from a simple association.

Labels also have a great bearing on our success, especially negative labels which can cause negative self-beliefs. For example, it is common in the fitness industry that trainers’ clients view their bodies as fat or scrawny and their preconceived notion about themselves sets them up for little success in their fitness goals. On the flip side, active people will label themselves as fit and continue to pursue their fitness goals to prove it.

To get ahead in whatever profession or goal you strive to become world-class at, you have to label yourself in a way that sets you up for success!

So make a Twitter page. Brand yourself as the successful person who achieves all their personal goals. Every time you log on and post about positive change and results in your life, you will reaffirm both consciously and subconsciously your capability for success as a person.

To reach the goals that make you successful, you must be motivated in everything you do. So constantly motivate yourself by studying the habits of successful people and labelling yourself in a way that sets you up for success!

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