I Dare You To Be Happy: 5 Steps To Being Happy Right Now

happy laughing peopleMany of us are tough cookies that roll with the punches! But sometimes life deals us a so-so hand from time to time that will get us feeling down. Things like this will only make you feel unhappy in the long term if you let it! Happiness can be encouraged through positive actions and constantly striving to live a fulfilling life. Here’s 5 steps to start feeling super happy right now!

Condition It

Happiness can be conditioned, including in your brain right now! By training our brains to search for the positives out of a situation, we can secure our long term happiness just like we would our fitness!

Practicing daily gratitudes is an extremely important step in achieving this goal! Start keeping a diary of new things you’re thankful for or keep a list of five positive things that happened to you each day! Eventually, your brain will be trained to scan for positives and you’ll be happy in the long term in no time!


Do you know spending money can create happiness? But wait, there’s a little disclaimer! Spending money on giving to others or on charity releases endorphins and helps you scan for positives as you do something nice for others!


Aerobic exercise releases opiate-strength painkillers throughout your body and is a great way to start feeling good right now! Not only will it give you health benefits but do this regularly you will feel happier and more productive?

And want an awesome cocktail for happiness? Combine the last two! Charity runs and exercise events for good causes are a massive boost for happiness! Combine exercise with giving and the camaraderie of being together with other people, pushing their physical limits for a good cause and you’ll have a lifelong memory of a moment of extreme happiness!


Besides from creating those all-important endorphins, laughter has many other effects that can increase our health and happiness! Laughter decreases stress and boosts your immune system, aiding you to look at the world positively! Laughter also lowers your blood sugar levels, increases your blood flow, helps you sleep and relax, boost your heart rate and give you a mild workout!

Remember What’s Important

Tony Robbins identifies six core needs that we need to feel as humans, which are profound and can drive and motivate us. These needs are: certainty, variety, significance, love, contribution and growth. When one of these needs are threatened we can often feel negative emotions, especially if we feel powerless to stop what is cutting it off.

One of the ways to counter this is to realise that not just one thing can make us feel these needs. We may invest a lot of our time into a business or project and if something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world!

Remember, even if your job situation is not great, you can still feel significant in many other aspects of your life, including in your personal relationships, in your projects and hobbies outside of work or in your support of a great cause!

Much of happiness is perception: even if bad things happen to us or we fail, these are excellent opportunities for growth, self-motivation and learning experiences! Processing negative experiences in a positive light can drive us to be more motivated towards the goals which are most important to us and become more grateful!

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