How To Flourish Through Setbacks And Personal Failure

alincolnSometimes we don’t live up to the expectations we have of ourselves. However, mistakes and setbacks are necessary lessons we need to take on the road to success.  Here’s our handy advice that will keep you on track to the road to success.

Failure Is An Opportunity

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

We can learn a lot more through failures than successes. One of the foundations for achieving greatness is having the right tools, methods and mentor to achieve your goal. If you tried losing weight through what turned out to be an unsustainable diet, view it as learned experiences and knowledge that will help you succeed the next time!

Painful emotions can be a positive thing if they are used to focus on achieving what needs and goals are valuable to you. Rags to riches stories, including those of Oprah, Steve Jobs and P Diddy have turned great personal pain and setbacks into a motivator for great personal and financial success.

Framing failure in your mind as an opportunity and a growth experience is extremely important, as success is mostly mental. As Tony Robbins says, 80 percent of success is mindset, beliefs and emotion (only 20 percent is strategy and action).

Managing Inner Conflicts

Personal mistakes and actions that do not hold up to your values can be a hit to your psyche. Framing these as learning experiences and opportunities to further yourself in a positive way is crucial.

Perceived self-failure can be a product of the conflicting values you have. If you seek unlimited amounts of leisure time and want to build a large business at the same time, these are conflicting values. If one want is fulfilled but the other is not, many can still perceive this as failure.

So how do you overcome this inner conflict? The first step is clarity! Become clear what your inner conflicts are. You must decide what are the most important goals that align to your core values and needs as a human being today! It must be what feels most important to you now, not you five years ago or someone else.

Once you are clear with what is most important to you, you must then align your life to achieve these things! This gives you a clear path of how to take action and will motivate you as you work towards your strongest goals.

Remember, much of life is spent working towards goals, so the work should fill as fulfilling as possible. Become addicted to feeling accomplished and purposeful rather than in the search for instant gratification and your inner conflict will be gone!

You’re Not Alone

Failure will become a limitation to your long term success only if you believe it will be. With every great success story of a businessman, artist or athlete comes an even greater story of some kind of setback.

Walt Disney: Fired as a newspaper editor because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”.

Tom Brady: Was seventh on the University of Michigan depth chart and struggled to get any game time at all.

David Sanders (founder of KFC): His famous chicken recipe was rejected a thousand times before any restaurant accepted it.

Thomas Edison: Was described in early life as “too stupid to learn anything”.

Abraham Lincoln: Had numerous political defeats, business failings and personal tragedies before becoming president.

A setback is only a big deal if you make it one! If you can convert it into an opportunity to further your goals and achieve your purpose as a human then you are set for success!

“Keep trying. The key to success is to double your number of failures. You can’t win them all – you can’t lose them all either.” – Tom Watkins, IBM founder

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