Focus: The Fuel Of Success

800px-Bald_Eagle_Kodiak_AlaskaWhat do you want? What are your biggest goals and aspirations? Everyone has some idea, even if it’s small things like spreading as much love or contributing as much as possible.

But why then is so much of our time spent on things that don’t help achieve our purpose? A lot of people get by living passively without any strong reason behind any of their actions!  Procrastination and our vices are the easiest thing to fall back on. Why? Instant gratification! They fill time right now but they don’t fulfil or give us a sense of accomplishment in the long term!

So how do you make every moment count? Focus. Focus on the right things. Focus on the things that are the most powerful to you.

When you’re motivated you know exactly what you want and what needs to happen. In fact, when you’re in this state you’re tapping into what you feel is part of your core purpose.

If you want to make money, lose weight, be successful at your career or become the best at something it has to consume you. And this is so powerful because when you are so driven, your subconscious is thinking about what it takes all the time.

And when you’re out of this state you become out of touch with your core purpose. You forget the strong emotional reasons why you want success so badly.

So how do you snap out of a slump and get back to focusing? You have to think about your core purpose again. What has driven and motivated me before? What compels and drives me to do the activities that I feel give me purpose?

Everyone has a strong reason and you have to connect with these reasons. You have to visualise the end goal and the success and how good it feels. You have to visualise the drive that you experience even if you’re in pain reaching your goal. Use all of your energy as a driving force to further your success and reach your success.

If you can tap into the pool of focus, motivation and drive inside you which can become more and more abundant each day, you are set to become and do whatever you want and achieve your purpose in life!

Remember, you’re going to spend a lot of life’s journey towards trying to achieve something. But if every moment in pursuit of achievement fills purposeful and fulfilling then the journey will be the greatest ride you have ever taken!

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