Break Your Fitness Goal Plateau Now!

army-fitness-exercise-soldiers-square-public-domainYou’ve had initial success in your fitness goals – maybe you lost ten pounds or you’ve put on a little muscle! But now it seems whatever you do, you can’t seem to go beyond your first successes! You may have just have hit a plateau! But don’t worry, with a change in tactics or thinking you might be able to break right through this speed bump and keep on charging towards your goal!

Wrong Method?

You might have put in all of the guts and all of the strain, but if the method for success isn’t right for you, chances are you won’t fully reach your goal! Some muscle-building programs tend to work for ectomorphs and some for endomorphs! Or maybe the detox that works wonders in the short term might not be able to help sustain your weight loss!

Tony Robbins says having the right means and the right mentor is crucial to achieving your goal! And if your goal involves long-term success and you’re using a quick fix method, you might be focusing on the wrong things!

Complete mastery takes thousands of hours. You might not need that amount of time, but the more you seek to learn and understand the greater your chances at success! The more you understand about the science and the more you learn how to listen to your body, the easier it will be for you to know what the perfect program for your body is!

Lost Focus?

Sometimes we get distracted and we stray away from our goals! It’s very easy to start finding excuses why we shouldn’t go and exercise… it’s too cold… I need a rest day…  There’s a million reasons not to do any activity. But if you focus on the challenge of this workout and how you’re going to have breakthrough, you’ll set yourself up for success.

If you’re making excuses, you must re-focus yourself. Think about why this goal is so important to you. Think of how it aligns with your mission statement as a person. Think of why you’re so driven towards doing whatever it takes to reach this goal, and think of how satisfying it is when you’ve reached it and you can help others! Remember, you have the capability to make whatever goal you want to a reality! But every thought and focus of energy has to be towards making it happen!

To make it happen, focus on setting yourself up to succeed. Find a time every day where you drag yourself outside and go for a run, even if it’s for a short time! And after a while you stop making excuses and you go for it! When you start craving that workout, you know your thought patterns of self-belief and motivation are winning out!

You Need A Confidence Boost

If we don’t get the initial results we’re looking for, it’s very easy for us to become discouraged! We’re naturally sceptical and we don’t want to waste our time! But sometimes you’re sitting just a little confidence boost away from smashing through this psychological barrier and owning your goal!

So remember, the work that you’re doing right now is the hardest it’s ever going to be. Be hungry to break through this barrier. Because once you break this one, you know you have what it takes. You know you have the knowledge to take your fitness goal to the next level.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, focus on every meal optimising your weight loss and every workout burning the last calorie your body can possibly burn. Because breaking through this barrier is going to be amazing. It’s going to feel absolutely great.

Remember, after years of trying it took just one man to break the 4 minute mile. A year later, 24 people had done it. Now, high schoolers break this mark routinely. Break the equivalent of the four minute mile in your fitness, break this psychological barrier and absolutely everything, and I mean everything is possible for you!

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