Top 10 Mascot Videos of 2012

Forget the game, mascots are the real highlights of sporting events (at least when your team is losing)! From all the wacky hijinx that goes on with these colourful characters, here are our top 10 mascot videos of 2012.

1. Dwight Howard Loses Basketball Game To Mascot

Dwight Howard might have been the biggest trade of the year but he still can’t beat a lion in a shoot-off.

2. Pacers Mascot Breaks Backboard During Dunk

A mascot trampoline dunk at a high school game goes a little wrong… Look for the priceless look the mascot has after the crime is committed…

3. ATV Crash

Minor League mascot RipTide for the Norfolk Tides falls ungraciously off his ATV. Watch the slowest 10 seconds of this creature’s life as he can’t get his vehicle started again. Practice!

4. Rocky: Mascot Hunger Games

Ever thought what would happen if you put NBA mascots together in a fight-to-the-death competition? Nope? Too bad.

5. World Record Silly String Fight

The Utah Jazz bear hosts a world-record silly string fight. Who says Mormons can’t have fun? (Except if fun = alcohol)

6. Paula Abdul dances with the Phillie Phanatic

The Phillie Phanatic’s still dragging star power to his games, this time with the former crazy woman American idol judge.

7. Oregon Duck Does Gangnam Style

You were probably sick of hearing that song four years ago but the Oregon Duck’s parody was one of the earliest and one of the best, back when it was still a ‘new’ thing. Ah, internet hipster-ness.

8. The Spurs Coyote Wants A Hug

The San Antonio Spurs mascot wants a hug from Tony Parker after a play, will he get it? (Hint: No)

9. Big 10 Mascots: Call Me Maybe

The mascots in the Big 10 took about ten years to discover this song by Carly Rae Jepsen (testing for animal-friendliness, most likely) but their rendition was a short term fix for football fans in the off season.

10. Benny The Bull + Popcorn

The Chicago Bull mascot tries to carry around too much popcorn during a game. Oops?

Bonus: Benny the Bull Pranking the Pacers

Another Benny goodie, this time he gets his revenge on one of the Pacers players.

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