The Top 20 Cat Videos of 2012

Cat videos. A classic internet pastime. And when it came to cat videos, 2012 delivered. Ever lost sleep wondering what was the best cat video of 2012? Never fear, because we have compiled a list of 20 of them. Right here.

1. Cat Special Forces (Кошачий Спецназ)

A compilation of cats with many acrobatic talents which could be put to good use in the cat military. One of the most tear-jerking, inspirational cat videos of the year. I feel like hoisting a flag for the cat nation.

2. Kitten attack!

This video is scarier than all the Paranormal Activity movies… stare into those creepy eyes… those creepy, demonic eyes…

3. Teddy The Asshole Cat

Absolute, 100% proof that cats speak English behind our back and plot mayhem when we’re not looking. A very smug meow at the end.

4. Chuck Norris’ Kitten

Chuck Norris’ Kitten is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

5. Vinyl Cat

Watch out Deadmau5, you’ve got some competition!

6. Kitty eats with fork

Kittens don’t have to eat with cutlery but this one does anyway!!! Dawwww…

7. Dancing Chorus of Kittens シンクロする5匹の子猫の反応がかわいい

These kittens seem to be choreographed. Very well. Not sure if this is uber cute, uber creepy or just a preview for a WiiU game.

8. Cat Jump Fail with Music: Sail by AWOLNATION

A street cat’s struggle to jump between ledges to an epic soundtrack.

9. Game of Thrones opening sung by a cat

A cat sings an epic song. Something tells me there was a bit of post-production editing in this video. But I’m probably wrong.

10. Nobody messes with Pancake the kitten

Pancake the kitten is an adorable kitten who seems to live in a house with doberman, lions* and killer sharks* and they all seem to get along (* – lies).

11. Cat steals cookie only to be robbed by dog

…but yet don’t seem to get rewarded… I think this video explains socialism.

12. Cat Rescues Pup Trapped Inside Door

Cats seem to have kind hearts…

13. Kitten cleaning Bunny

More random acts of kitten kindness! Helping da bunny get clean!

14. Cat Alarm Clock

This cat owner has a courtesy cat alarm every 5am. Too bad he doesn’t work mornings…

15. Grumpy Cat

In Grumpy Cat [link], this cat’s owner cannot do anything to cheer this grumpy kitty up. Wait until the end for a priceless unimpressed look by the cat.

16. Security cat vs raccoon

Security cat. Keeping the house safe. One raccoon at a time.

17. Cats after anesthesia

High kittens. To laugh or not to laugh?

18. Since when do kittens stay where you put them?

From the makers of Action Man comes… Action Kitten!

19. Girl with her cat on the treadmill

Have you ever wanted to know what happens when you put a cat on a treadmill? Now you know!

20. Cats vs Printers

Felines don’t take too kindly to printers. Watch the epic battle continue in this 9-round bout.

Bonus round:

The Cat – Smack My Bitch Up (Prodigy Cover)

A heartwarming cat video, probably the most so of the list. Now you know what cats get up to behind our backs!

Fluffy Kitten is Confused

DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. (disqualified because it’s 7 days’ shy of 2012). But dawwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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