Happiness and Facing Challenges

“90% of your long-term happiness is predicted not by the external world, but by the way your brain processes the world.” Shawn Achor

I want you to watch this clip from Jimmy Kimmel, where he told parents to film their children as they told them they ate all their Halloween candy.

For the first four minutes of the clip, each kid throws a temper tantrum or becomes upset with the world. But the last minute or so is truly heartwarming…each kid manages to move past the fake wrongdoing, one kid even saying “I just want you to be happy!”

So how can some kids respond to the same event by screaming the end of the world while some create a positive out of the event? It really taps into the core of why some people can live happy lives… happiness is about processing the world in a positive light, loving and more importantly, creating love for other people.

There are people in terrible circumstances than have gone through horrendous things and yet, they manage to find a way to use that pain/trauma to live generous, fulfilling and happy lives!

So we can learn a lot from these kids: gracious for their first world living circumstances and their loving families and won’t let their happiness be affected by a bowl of candy!

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